Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blissfest Blog Bling!

Want to tell your blog readers about Blissfest?
Add this fun Blog Bling to your sidebar!
Need help Uploading it?

To add Blog Bling in Typepad
1.Create a new "Typelist" --Links
2. Paste this in the "List Name" box (one line):
<img src= />

3. Paste this in the URL box:
4. Go to "Design" and choose "Organize" Content
5. Add the List module you just created and choose where you would like it placed.

To add Blog Bling in Blogger
1. Click on Layout
2. Add a Gadget to your sidebar
3. Click on the "Picture" gadget
4. Paste this in the "From the Web" box:
5. Paste this in the Link box: